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Barry Plant
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Review and rework the brand strategy for Victoria's No.1 real estate agency, to further strengthen its market leadership.


Working with a broad cross-section of Barry Plant team members through an in-depth workshop and brand strategy process, we developed a new brand idea for Barry Plant which informed our bold re-imagining of their visual identity. The redesigned logo embodies their proud history of success and future aspiration. Confident and contemporary, the evolved word mark is now paired with a new insignia — a simple, yet distinguishing symbol that utilises positive and negative space to represent excellence, growth and exceptional results in the residential real estate sector. That distinctive insignia anchors the brand's visual language. Repeated in a geometric pattern to indicate key information, or in form only to create uniquely shaped 'Sold' and 'Leased' stickers, it became an instantly recognisable representation of the firm's renowned excellence. New typefaces, a new photographic style, new tone of voice for copy, and an inverted colour palette — focused less on navy, and more on white and light blue — completed the re-brand, ensuring the Barry Plant network was ready in every respect for its new era.


The successful delivery of a complex brand evolution across hundreds of touch points, that engaged more than one hundred stakeholders, and has signaled a new era of excellence for Victoria's No.1 real estate network.

  • Services included

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand creation
  • Art direction
  • Photography
  • Typography
  • Copywriting
  • Web design
  • Advertising
  • Signage


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