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Neue Grand
A prestige collector’s edition


Develop a brand and marketing campaign that communicates the iconic luxury and exceptional nature of this high-end residential building on Melbourne’s premier boulevard, St Kilda Road. This campaign also needed to highlight the project’s remarkable features, such as opulent whole-floor apartments and Australia’s first sky garages, which place it alongside world-leading peers.


Because the Neue Grand residences, building and sky garages offer such a unique and high-end proposition to potential buyers, the Savi project team developed a campaign that targeted high-net-worth home buyers who are also car enthusiasts.

The Neue Grand brand was inspired by the sleek architectural response by Rothe Loweman and prestige car branding, so aligning with a luxury car brand was a logical and seamless fit.

Savi partnered with Bentley Melbourne to integrate the Bentley brand into the project marketing, and in this way aligned two luxe brands to communicate a new standard of luxury never before seen in Melbourne.

The aim was to exceed buyers’ expectations at every level of the campaign via every brand touchpoint. Savi engaged video, experiences, print and PR to create a narrative around the Neue Grand brand that communicates affluence, high-end craftsmanship and status.


The project attained strong sales success with more than 80% sold.

  • Services included

  • Brand strategy
  • Targeted demographic
  • Innovative Advertising & brand campaign
  • Media management
  • Video art-direction & co-production
  • Printed collateral
  • Digital
  • Experiential
  • Event management


A Prestige Collector’s Edition

Brand Video

Launch event

Neue Grand Neue Grand Neue Grand

Display suite and printed collateral

Project Images | Neue Grand
Project Images | Neue Grand
Project Images | Neue Grand
Project Images | Neue Grand
Project Images | Neue Grand
Project Images | Neue Grand